Eryl Vaughan

Managing Director

Eryl Vaughan

With extensive experience as Managing Director and CEO of a number of companies in the renewable energy and sustainability sector, Eryl’s mission is to maximise the commercial, social and economic benefits that this venture aims to achieve.

Eryl is an innovative and passionate organiser who combines his personal environmental and social convictions with building sustainable business projects while carrying out voluntary and charitable work at a national level. He’s successfully built significant professional and voluntary networks over the years with an emphasis on working with people to achieve ambitious projects, such as the annual charity walk, Cerddwn Ymlaen, which raised over £400k for the Wales Air Ambulance in three years.

In 2009, Eryl was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and after struggling for years to control the disease, he made a breakthrough in 2016 after adopting a low-carb lifestyle. Having retired from the renewable energy industry in 2016, he founded Diabetes Support Wales in 2017 with a view of establishing self-help support groups for diabetics throughout Wales.

The Low-Carb Food Company is the result of Eryl’s personal experience of managing diabetes, and the belief that good food is the best medicine.

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